4Forty4 Media Announces The Launch of Podcast Network And Media Company With Broadcasting Legend Larry King And His New Podcast “The Millionth Question”

May 20, 2020 – 4Forty4 Media announced the launch of a new podcast network and media company which will commence with “The Millionth Question,” a new podcast by one of the most iconic interviewers of all time – Larry King. The 11-episode podcast will feature interviews with a mix of unique and compelling guests stemming from sports, music, comedy, film and pop culture, all of whom will be asked the millionth question. The podcast title is a nod to King’s accomplishment as a broadcaster, having completed more than 30,000 interviews throughout his historic career. “The Millionth Question” will be produced by Chance King and Jeff Beacher. The multi-media network will be a daily, live, subscription-free destination for audiences to learn, laugh and be inspired. The media hub is intending to create and distribute truthful and meaningful content around topics including the social, economic, and environmental challenges of today, as well as arts and culture, community organizing, and public policy, with a select variety of celebrities, politicians, influencers, financial experts, disruptors and innovators. They plan to distribute the content by category on a daily basis, with every day of the week set to focus on a specific topic, be it sports, music, or health, and so on. 4Forty4 Media co-founder and producer Jeff Beacher is no stranger to celebrity partnerships and has been appropriately deemed an “unconventional power broker” by Bloomberg and a “great innovator” by Entrepreneur. As the founder of Beacher’s Madhouse, a modern vaudevillian theater group that has notably enticed the Hollywood A-list, Beacher’s longstanding relationships have since earned him a seat alongside the corporate heads at companies like Airbnb and Lyft, where he was tasked as the entertainment relations consultant. Beacher is now parlaying his skillset and years of experience to “The Millionth Question,” intending to set a new standard for podcasts.


4Forty4 Media is a modern-day media conglomerate intending to bridge traditional and non-traditional broadcasting. The subscription-free destination is dedicated to delivering the highest quality content intended to appeal to a global audience and provide opportunities for sought-after talent.

Following the initial launch in the podcast space, 4Forty4 Media will soon unveil additional destinations on the media hub that will include magazines, blogs, radio, YouTube, etc., and offer entertaining and intelligent storytelling on topics including society, the economy, sports , the environment, arts, culture, and more.


4Forty4 Media was founded by Jeff Beacher and Chance King and is set to launch with their inaugural podcast, “The Millionth Question” with Larry King. The company was created in response to the current state of journalism, namely due in part to the biased coverage and divisive landscape. The media group intends to branch out to create additional content via more podcasts and take a unique approach to their broadcasting. Every day of the week will be dedicated to a different podcast that will focus on a specific theme – sports, health, music, lifestyle, politics, etc.


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